Site Help

Site Content
Most of the content on this web site is viewable by everyone. Including "Joe Public", just as the site was before this one.  However the "Message Board" pages will only be available to club members.

Announcements/For Sale
Specific members will be given permissions to post the "Announcements" or items "For Sale".
These permissions may also allow for people to edit or create new pages within the web site.
For example someone might be in charge of the sailplane league pages. Or the Master CD may be in charge or the contest pages.
We will see how things progress.
A Google account will be required for these permissions.

Message Board
Members will be able to read and post to "Message Board".
A Google account will be required for these permissions.
After you have created a Google account you can apply for membership to the message board.
The web site admin will then give you access if you are an active club member.

Google Account
To create a Google account you do not need to create a new "gmail" e-mail address with Google.
You can create a non-email Google account using your existing e-mail address.
Follow this link to create an account.

If you already have a "gmail" e-mail address you do not have to do anything.