Kits Kits Kits Kits Kits!!!

For SALE! Local pickup only at TNT LANDING GEAR This is only a partial listing of the manufacturers of kits that TNT has available.

Ace R/C, Ben Buckle, Berkeley, Bridi, Brodak, Bud Nosen Cal-Aero, Campbell Custom, Carl Goldberg, Comet, Craft Air, Fox Kits, Herr Engineering, Men, Micro Models, MicroX, Midwest, Peck Polymer, Royal, Sig, Sterling,Top Flite, Vero, World Engines Kits, range from “control line,” “Free Flight,” to R/C.

Some planes are ARFs and there are some plastic kits mixed in.

Many of the kits are 1/4a Old Timers through Class A and B Some planes at a glance, Dakota, Buccaneer, Brooklyn Dodger, 36” Playboy Sr., 05 Electric Lanzo Bomber, Power House, Sportster, School Boy, Sterling Ringmaster, Goldberg Shoestring Stunter, Flite Streak kit, and one RTF Flite Streak control line, Baby Flite Streak, Baby Ringmaster, Vero control line kits, Bud Nosen 9’ Aeronca Champ, other smaller Aeronca kits, Pete-n-Paul, Taube, Bleriot and many many more.

Really too many to mention!!

Contact Tom Kroggel.

Post date: Nov 8, 2018