Steps to becoming a member of the Weak Signals RC Club.

  1. Read our bylaws and field rules.

  2. Acquire an AMA membership.

  3. Fill out a membership application and bring it with you to a club meeting.

  4. Attend a club meeting and introduce yourself.

    • Membership will discuss and vote on your application.

  5. Pay the initiation fee and yearly membership fee if members approve.

    • $50 initiation fee

    • $100 yearly membership fee

    • Family included in membership, ( AMA Memberships are required. )

    • Youth members are are FREE, ( AMA Memberships are required. )

Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month.

    • Meetings are held at the Club Field April through the September starting at 8pm.

    • Meetings are held at the American Legion Post (11601 Lewis Ave. Temperance, Mi. 48182) October through March at 7pm.

    • Meetings are listed on our calendar.

If you have any questions you may use our contact form or contact an officer listed in the in the Newsletters.